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Place your large order with us

Feel free to place your big order with us.


Whether you’re ordering for your large family or a party, we will gladly provide you with some of our delicious food.


From appetizers and dips to salads and fajitas, we have a large selection of food that is perfect for any group of people.

Our policies

While we enjoy any business, large orders are especially appreciated.


Please note that we do not include tips with our large orders. Large orders must be called in advance.

Our dishes

- House platters

- Tacos

- Dips

- Dinner combinations

Order whatever you’re craving – we have wings, burgers, steak, tacos, burritos, fajitas, and more!

Square Square

Count on us to fill your big order – make sure to call ahead of time!



Choose from a large selection

Whether you’re with family or friends, you can satisfy everyone’s cravings with our menu. Choose from healthy salads, burgers, shrimp and fish dishes, chicken wings, burritos, steak, and much more.